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"Nature does not give to those who will not spend;
her gifts are loaned to those who will use them.  
Empty your lungs and breathe.  Run, climb, work
and laugh, the more you give out the more you     
shall receive.  Participate.  Men do not really live  
for honors or for pay;  their happiness is not in the 
  taking and holding, but in the doing, the striving, the
  building, the serving."                              -Harry Marsh

About The Volunteer Program

The volunteer program is open to individuals age 18 or older who are interested in natural and cultural history of Johnson County.   Volunteers at the nature center assist in all facets of running the center.   Giving a minimum of 8 hours a month, volunteers work indoors or out, with the public or behind the scenes.  They provide manpower at special events throughout the year, assist the public visiting the nature center, and have a special spirit of teamwork to get the job done.

Play An Important Role

The role you play as a volunteer assists the nature center in:

  • Protecting and preserving the cultural and natural heritage of Johnson County

  • Contributing positively to the county's quality of life by providing education, enjoyment and awareness of our cultural and natural heritage

  • Encouraging appreciation and stewardship of our heritage

Enjoy The Benefits

  • Opportunities for training and learning, both in formal group sessions and informal on-the-job training

  • Personal satisfaction and expanded awareness of nature

  • Social interaction

  • Use of nature center library

  • 15% discount in the Nature Center gift shop

  • Passes for many District activities


This information and application are available in alternative formats.  For more information call,

(913) 764-7759 Voice or
(913) 831-3342 TDD.

To print out an application click here  Volunteer Form

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